Grant Taylor is gnarly. Just watch.

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Danny Brown has released a video for 25 bucks. The 25 bucks video is good and fits the song. Good shit from Danny Brown

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This is a good day in the life footage of Mike Anderson. The hill bomb is insane. I have been to the top and that fucker is steep. The switch 360 flip on the hip is awesome. 

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Skateboarding is rad. Watch the videos, the whole crew rips.

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Damn Ben Raybourn can skate evrything. I don’t think anyone else woud have seen that line. 

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DIY Skateboard spots are always rad, and Lower Bobs is no exception. Thrasher magazine put together a rad video of all the heavy skating that goes down there. Full of heavy hitters.

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Good skating from the GX1000 crew. Stevie Perez is a killer.

Isaiah Rashad has released a video for Soliloquy off Cilvia, which drops at midnight. Good video I really like the black and white motif. Isaiah is a really talented rapper, I can see why TDE signed him up. Looking forward Cilvia.

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Danny Brown on Jimmy Kimmel Live performing 25 bucks. Good stuff.

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